Some dreams are universal. Who hasn’t looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to be up there, seeing the Earth rise above the horizon and watching the stars shine like diamonds, almost close enough to touch? Who among us hasn’t wondered what’s out there, and when we’ll find it?

At the same time, some fears stop all hearts. When we look up, we’re reminded that we might not have that much time left on the planet that’s always been our home. Humanity has stripped Earth’s natural resources, and we’re in a race against our own destructiveness. Now, you can live the dream, and escape the fear.

Atmos is a tale of humanity’s desperate flight from a dying earth, using Google Cardboard enabled VR to put an out-of- this world experience right in your pocket. Stand on the shores of another world, discover other life, and explore an alien environment in a depth that will take your breath away, all from your phone. 

Atmos transports you into the outer reaches of the galaxy to a New World, in a striking blend of local landscapes and exquisite CGI. In striking black and white, the cinematic visuals and full 3D binaural score immerses you as you walk in the shoes of the protagonists.

Shot in 4K, see a 360 panorama of the unspoilt rural Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, seamlessly stitched with expert CGI and VFX. The end result is at once familiar and deeply alien, creating a compelling experience.

Rose Lovell has used her decades of experience and engagement in South African film to put together a dream team of cutting-edge talent, headed by Durban-based director Matthew Nefdt. With this 2-minute short film, Nefdt has claimed a deserving place as South Africa’s leading VR talent, Africard and Nefdt Films has become our first homegrown VR studio. 

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