Virtual Reality filmmaking brings full immersion, you are a part of the scene that wraps 360° around you. With an Africard (or other VR viewing device), as you move your head, the viewpoint in front of you adjusts accordingly.  The sense of engagement is totally captivating.


Samsung 1 min Film // Teaser Trailer :

1 Continuous progressive 60 sec shot.


Fade up. Eyes open.
Our eyes focus and we adjust to our surrounding.
We are inside a spacesuit on a rocky beach.
We hear a beeping sound as the low oxygen indicator light flashes. 
We look down at our hands, your hand is cut and bleeding out through the glove.
We hear a small explosion and we turn to the left. 
There is a crash landed space craft now in flames. We stare at the wreckage for a few beats.
We hear an earthquake and the ground shakes, we turn around only to see.
Large black pillars are rising out of the ground and a large dark figure with glowing eye is approaching us.

Flash to white.



Fade up. Eyes open.

A second blink brings our surroundings into crisp focus.  We are wearing a bulky spacesuit, complete with helmet.  We find ourselves on a rocky beach, it is low tide. The rock formations loom to the left, sharp crags over deep pools. Waves rumble towards them, spray lifts into the air and the water turns foamy. A beeping sound, accompanied by a flashing indicator display that glitches onto the glass visor shows us our oxygen supply is dwindling. Looking down at our hands, we notice a cut on the left hand glove, a smear of blood darkens the edges of the frayed fabric. We hear a small explosion and turn left to see our crash-landed spacecraft, now in flames.  Flickering light reflects off our face as we look at the wreckage.  The ground on which we are standing shakes and cracks in the earth widen to allow tall black pillars rising out of the ground.  As we look up we see a large black figure approaching us, his eyes are glowing.


Episode 1 :

EXT Beach Morning. Fade up, long white silk drapes gently blowing in the wind over your head. We hear the calm sound of the ocean.
We see a figure behind the drapes getting closer, the drapes slowly part.
A young girl holding small flower gives it to you. We hear a beeping sound...

Flash to white.

INT Aircraft Day.

We hear a loud beeping sound, our eyes slowly adjust to glitchy damaged navigation windows. We are strapped in a seat dangling upside down.Your helmet is frosting up from heavy breathing. The pod has crashed into the side of a rocky cliff, smoke and flames are coming out the engine. There is minor damage to your suit.
You release your straps and fall on your head. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 :
Experience a young mother's final moments on earth with her child before she is launched into out of space. 


Digital StoryBoard :

Spaceship 360 VR sample :