Virtual Reality filmmaking brings full immersion, you are a part of the scene that wraps 360° around you. With an Africard (or other VR viewing device), as you move your head, the viewpoint in front of you adjusts accordingly.  The sense of engagement is totally captivating.


Fade up. Eyes open.

A second blink brings our surroundings into crisp focus.  We are wearing a spacesuit, complete with helmet.  We find ourselves on a rocky beach, it is low tide. The rock formations loom to the left, sharp crags over deep pools. Waves rumble towards them, spray lifts into the air and the water turns foamy.
A beeping sound, accompanied by a flashing indicator display that glitches onto the glass visor shows us our oxygen supply is dwindling.
Looking down at our hands, we notice a cut on the left hand glove, a smear of blood darkens the edges of the frayed fabric.
We hear a small explosion and turn left to see our crash-landed spacecraft, now in flames.  Flickering light reflects off our face as we look at the wreckage.
The ground on which we are standing shakes and cracks in the earth widen to allow tall black pillars rising out of the ground.  As we look up we see a large black figure approaching us, eyes glowing.

Cut to Black.


The full 60 sec duration of the film will feel like a continuous shot, taken from the perspective of inside a helmet.  Although the viewer has a full 360degree view when turning their head, the helmet visor restricts what is visible on the periphery of the shot.  3D binaural audio, that tracks with viewer head movement, guides you to follow the story unfolding.  The camera movement will have a handheld POV field, achieved by tracking handheld 4K Blackmagic footage.

The film will be in High Dynamic Range black and white. 

Director : Nefdt
Producer : Rose Lovell
Writers : Nefdt and Rose Lovell
Duration :1min
Genre : Sci-fi // Thriller
Format : 4096 x 2048 MP4 / 4K High Compression / 60fps or 30fps
Platforms : Africard / Samsung Gear VR / Oculus / Google Cardboard
 © Nefdt Films 2015


Astronaut :



Spaceship : 


Matte Painting :


Helmet Comp :
Reflections of EXT and INT
Light Leaks and Lens Flares
HUD Meters
Adaptive lighting inside the helmet
Handheld camera racking

Handheld Footage Tracking :
Tracking markers will be placed in a room.
Handheld footage is recorded on the Black Magic 4K
Footage is 3d tracked.
The tracking information is applied the the 360 footage.
The footage appears to have a handheld feel looking through the helmet.
We can control which way the camera is facing based on the tracking info from the footage shot.

POV Hands :

Gloves and sleeves are created.
Hand gestures are filmed with the Black Magic 4K on a green screen.
Keyed out and tracked to the 360 footage.