ATMOS VR PART 2 - Treatment

Tagline: Mankind was born on earth, but will not die there

Earth can no longer sustain us.  After centuries of industry, we have nowhere left to turn and mankind must find a new home, out among the stars.

Atmos is a series of short VR films that follow a lone astronaut’s journey to look for another planet that can bear human life.  Our lonely protagonist is one of thousands, and in his solitude finds a world.  A world, but not a blank slate:  follow him as he discovers ancient ruins from a lost alien civilization, finally proving that we are not alone in our universe. As each film progresses we are faced with more questions than answers about the planet’s previous inhabitants.

Some dreams are universal. Who hasn’t looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to be up there, seeing the Earth rise above the horizon, and watching the stars shine like diamonds, almost close enough to touch?  Who among us hasn’t wondered what there is out there, and when we’ll find it?

At the same time, some fears stop all hearts. When we look up, part of that desire is knowing that we might not have that much time left on the planet that’s always been our home.  Humanity has stripped Earth of natural resources, and we’re in a race against our own destructiveness. This race is at the heart of sci-fi.

Now, you can live the dream and escape the fear, Atmos is a tale of humanity’s desperate flight from a dying earth.  Stand on the shores of another world, discover other life and explore alien environment in a depth that will take your breath away.

Visual Look :

Atmos is created in High Dynamic Range Black and White, making the contrast and feel of the work both compelling and mysterious.  The immersive 360° video takes in the entire world around you, with your experiences directed by your own movement.  The scenes themselves are a mélange of stunning natural scenes composited with highly detailed matte paintings to create a surreal alien landscape.

Sound Design :

No film is complete without sound and we’ll go all out to make the auditory experience just as compelling and absorbing as the video.  Atmos’s original cinematic score is combined with natural 360 binaural audio recordings.

Budget :

Atmos 2 (3min) can be completed for ($30 000.00)

In return we can offer the following :

  • Your logo will appear for four seconds at the beginning of the film.
  • Your credit will be added at the end of the film.
  • A full 4K high resolution video file will be provided
  • You will receive high resolution banners and posters including your logo.
  • Your brand will be present on our behind the scenes blog.
  • Unless there is an exclusive distribution agreement in place, the films will be uploaded to all major VR platforms. (including Samsung VR, Transport, Littlstar, Vrideo, Oculus, Jaunt VR, YouTube and Facebook.) 
  • All video and print material can be used for your marketing and press releases.

Watch Atmos 1 :