CINEMATIC VR – Package 1

Here we have storytelling elements, a music score accompanied by voice over (if necessary) and full CGI environments.  The end result will be a Virtual Reality Short Film.  A visual treatment will be presented to client taking into consideration the brief, the aim of the project and the locations and resources available.   Audio will be recorded binaurally so that a full audio track will accompany the cinematic visuals.

Please take a look at Atmos VR to get an idea of what can be accomplished in this budget range. 

Drawing up an accurate budget can be done once we have a detailed brief, but a ballpark figure of R800 000.00 – R1 200 000 covers the following:

  • Script and Conceptualising
  • Location scouting
  • 2 weeks pre production planning
  • All cast, crew and equipment
  • Up to 4 days of shooting
  • 10+ weeks of Post production
  • End duration 1 – 6 minutes