Concept :

Inspired by 90's arcade games, CONTROL takes us on an immersive journey as we are sucked into an arcade machine. Race head to head with your arch enemy Prof. Bass in a high-speed hover bike race. Landscapes loom and obstacles present challenges, all to the beat of the music.  Utilising a central theme of constant forward-moving motion that cuts through various levels of the game ……..

Treatment of opening sequence:

We are standing in front of a Haezer arcade machine. 

The start menu is flashing on screen

A coin is inserted and the start button is pressed.

Selection of one of the characters/racers takes place from a number of figures displayed on a carousel.

We then proceed to select our hover bike from the vehicles displayed.

Stage one starts to load.

We are pulled into a vortex drawing us into the arcade machine.

When inside the game world we have full 360 view of the environment around us.

You are a rider in the race, on the selected hover bike, other racers speed past you, you accelerate in hot pursuit.

The environment will change as the music progresses, the racers keep dodging the new landscape elements.


Please watch the Chemical Brother's music video Star Guitar for reference.

As we look out the train window at the passing buildings and objects, they are passing the camera in time with the music.

This what we want to create but in VR, as we ride at high speeds on our hover bike on the track we will pass pillars, go through tunnels and fly through the air in time with music. As the Bass kicks in this could be our "Nos"

Reference Videos :

Chemical Brothers : Star Guitar

Simpsons : 80s GTA Couch Gag

Justice ON'N'ON

360 Video Broadcast Platforms :

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Samsung VR, Oculus, Jaunt VR, Littlstar and Vrideo

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