Logline : What better legacy to leave the world than one of infinite possibility?

Adriana will tell us her story about how she was selected from thousands of applicants to secure a place in the 100 first round selection of possible new settlers on Mars. This will be a one-way trip from which none will return. Why does she want to do this? What is her field of research and expertise? How does her family feel about her choice to set up a new human settlement on Mars? What preparations has she made?

How: Tips for Proposal Writing A well-prepared written proposal is the key to documentary financing. You need to make sure your reader can visualize your project as a completed film. A proposal does its job when it includes a strong narrative and clear visual approach. It should also provide a detailed description of the film’s protagonists/subjects and subject matter.

But how can you ensure your proposal is as effective as it can be? This hand out is intended to give you some pointers on how to write your proposal. It also poses some questions that you can ask yourself during the writing process. .

What’s most important is that you get your message across and make the reader both understand and feel what kind of documentary you want to make.

Synopsis Give a clear and simple description of your project. What is it about? What is the film’s subject (person, group, environment, social issue,etc.)? Keep it short and sweet. Project Description A project description can include background information, story outline, visual approach, main protagonists, access to protagonists/subjects and director’s note.Try to capture the essence of your story in a couple of sentences. Provide a clear overview of what’s going to happen (or what you think will happen), use the abovementioned elements and link them in such a way that the tone and style of your story are palpable. Background information: information on the background of the story and where it will be set. Story outline: Making a documentary is unpredictable, so good research is essential to getting ideas on where your story can go: possible narrative trajectory, conflict, likely outcomes and events that may occur along the way. Where does your story start and where does it end?

This is what makes us human. I feel lucky to be alive during such an exciting time in the history of life on Earth: We are able to investigate terrestrial life on scales smaller than the size of atoms, as well as look to the skies in the search for evidence of life and its precursors many hundreds of light years beyond the planet we have called home for the last four billion years. The possibility of contributing to the discovery of evidence of extra-terrestrial life is what I find most fascinating about the prospect of being amongst the first Earthlings to move to Mars.

The allure of the unknown to me has always felt far more powerful than the comfort of the known.

Budget :

Mars VR (5min) can be completed for ($30 000.00)

In return we can offer the following :

  • Your logo will appear for four seconds at the beginning of the film.
  • Your credit will be added at the end of the film.
  • A full 4K high resolution video file will be provided
  • You will receive high resolution banners and posters including your logo.
  • Your brand will be present on our behind the scenes blog.
  • Unless there is an exclusive distribution agreement in place, the films will be uploaded to all major VR platforms. (including Samsung VR, Transport, Littlstar, Vrideo, Oculus, Jaunt VR, YouTube and Facebook.) 
  • All video and print material can be used for your marketing and press releases.