Africard is a proudly South African firm working with a crew of homegrown talent, from writers and photographers to CG designers and musicians. We create world class films in this exciting new immersive medium. It’s the birth of a new cinema era, and we are leaders in the emergent field.

At present, VR is mostly a gimmick. What people really want is something transcendent, a way to see and feel something that takes them out of themselves for a moment. We want to truly experience something new, without any major cost or discomfort to themselves. Not everyone wants to climb Kilimanjaro, but most people would like to feel what it’s like to stand there, in a way that draws them in more than a flat screen.


That’s where we come in. We can create high-quality, attention-grabbing VR content that can give you that wow factor we’re all looking for. Our services include end-to end production services for VR content. That means whether you need someone to build your 3D models, design unique sound, develop apps, or just direct and manage your vision into a reality people won’t be able to stop talking about then we can help.

Aside from supplying high-quality Africard VR Cardboard viewers, we offer VFX (Visual Effects), Animation, 3D Modelling and texturing, Project Management, App Development, Screenwriting, Directing, Binaural 3D Sound recording and mastering. 

View our latest VR short film :