Setting up your Africard viewer with your phone :

In order for your VR experience to be in focus it is important that you follow these steps to pair your phone with the cardboard viewer.

1.Download the Google Cardboard App for IOS or Android

2.Open up the Google Cardboard App setup your phone with the viewer profile below.
Please ignore the QR code on the cardboard device use this one.

Rhino Viewer

Buffalo Viewer

Google V2 Viewer

Google V1.2 Viewer (Original)


Once you have setup your phone with correct QR Code proceed to the YouTube setup below.

YouTube Setup Instructions :

1. Please make sure you have the LATEST YouTube App installed on your phone.
Download here for IOS or ANDROID

2. Open a 360 video with the YouTube App.

3. Select the goggle icon to access split screen mode.


4.Place your phone inside the Africard and close the flap.

While looking through your device press the button on the top right.

Please make sure you have selected the highest quality for best results.

Enjoy :)